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J.A.E. Consulting is a team of skilled executives, advocates, analysts, and strategists that thrive on sharing their knowledge and experience to help our clients make a success of their business. Our track record demonstrates that expert collaboration and clear communication will boost your business growth by many folds.

Business Management

J.A.E. Consulting offers result-oriented business management services by proven benchmarking and accountability planning to help our clients achieve their goals. Our services include business valuations, cost studies, sales analysis, capital budgeting, and employee evaluation and support to develop a customized business solution specific for each client. 

Business Planning

J.A.E. Consulting offers amazing business planning services to facilitate our clients attain their purpose and goals. Our dedicated and qualified team of business professionals serve the customers with unmatched performance management services, strategic marketing support, technology support and implementation, market forecasts, visibility plan preparation, human resources, and management reporting for a long and short-term engagement. 

Operational Support

J.A.E. Consulting provides dedicated operational support services to our customers after studying their business model and objectives in detail. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. For impactful and sustainable growth we support our customers by outsourcing multiple services, A/R and accounting services, scale planning, expert financial reporting, policy compliance, recruiting & hiring trained staff, and arranging qualified training for our customer’s employees.